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Razors and Rust

Diego Santos will never forget the day he met Sir Wentworth Atlee.

He had spent his whole life reading about the legendary recluse, but never expected to meet him. Until one day Diego is summoned to Atlee’s palatial estate. There, he discovers that Atlee has developed a plan that will change everything we know about life and death. It will unlock the deepest mysteries of the universe. Roll back time itself.

Or, at least that’s what Atlee says.

And all he needs is a pyramid…



Tenth Order - High Resolution

Begun in Heaven. Finished on Earth.

Hunter Friskin has always been hated. Reviled, spit on by anyone who’s ever known him.  But there’s more to Hunter than people suspect. At night he dreams of creatures with unbelievable powers. Creatures who can raze a city with their voice, transport thousands of miles with a thought and bend steel with a single fist. Creatures with wings.

They have a plan. And they want Hunter Friskin.  





Stiya - High ResolutionIn the Blue Mountain Range of the Cascades there is a legend of a creature that walks on two legs. A creature that whistles. It visits at night, crying for salmon and carrying stacks of lumber on its back. The Cayuse tribe call it Stiya, but there are those with another name.


Erica Halladay cares nothing for ancient legends and Native American stories. Her interests are getting an A in Anthropology, gaining the respect of her enigmatic professor and running from a recent family trauma. Why else would she spend her summer in the Cascades, sorting through feces?

But some legends are more than myth. Some stories never stop being told. Erica Halladay thought she was running from her problems, but when the cold moon passes over the tip of the Blue Mountains she’ll learn you can’t run from everything.

Sometimes legends run to you.



THE HIDDEN ORDER: Book Two of the Apkallu

Coming soon!

*update on The Hidden Order!*

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