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Stiya is Coming

In the Blue Mountain Range of the Cascades there is a legend of a creature that walks on two legs. A creature that whistles. It visits at night, crying for salmon and carrying stacks of lumber on its back. The Cayuse tribe call it Stiya, but there are those with another name.


I’m excited to announce that in just a few weeks my new short, “Stiya” is coming exclusively to a Kindle near you. The story follows the exploits of a plucky young anthropology student with a head for trouble and a heart full of adventure.

Ooo boy.

And if that bit of saccharine didn’t capture your attention, “Stiya” also includes the return of one of my favorite characters—Wentworth Atlee. Who the hell is that? I’m so happy you asked.

As always, I’ll have some fun leading up to the release of “Stiya” including a cover reveal next week, and a FREE promotion of my novel, the Tenth Order. I’ll also be dressing up as Sasquatch and terrorizing prospective readers.

At least two of those three things are true.

In the meantime, I’ll just leave this here…


Image Credits:
Bigfoot” Creative Commons via duluoz cats
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