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Quotes..a plenty?

Eh, titles.

So, if you follow me on Facebook (what’s that? you’d like a link? well, I could be talked into it…) then you already know I like to mess around with some straight-up quote madness. Sometimes they’re famous authors who inspire me, sometimes they’re Widhalm originals.

And since this is my blog and all, I figured I’d share a few of my favorites in this space because no one can tell me not toOr, at least I can ignore them when they do.

So, let’s get this party started.


I went on a bit of an editor thing, and this was one of my favorite quotes to come from it. A humble reminder that even gods can misuse “it’s.”

Speaking of…Its

Oh Lord, it’s so, so true.


Either I have a good editor or I’m cutting too many onions, cause I, uh…weep. Sometimes. SHUT UP REAL MEN WEEP.

The Voices

More an observation than a quote. I think most writers will get what I’m talking about.

And finally, my favorite of this last batch…


I believe most things can be solved with a cup of coffee. Absolutely everything can be solved with two.

So that’s it for now. Enjoy, spread them around, link, print them out and dance on their poorly written faces, whatever. Have fun. And remember to follow me on this social media thing I’ve heard about if you want to get quotes fresh off the presses.

What are some of your favorite writing quotes? Sound off below.

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