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MileHighCon, You’re Up

Another quick update. I’m slaving away on the next 9 Things post (and by slaving away, I mean drinking Glenmorangie), but figured I’d take a break and give a shout out to my Colorado peeps.

MileHighCon is this weekend, and shit is going to get weird. I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday, so if you’re a reader, or just a dude/dudette who’s feeling friendly, make sure to say hi.

If you’re a Coloradoan and you’re not attending…I don’t even know what to say to you. I mean, the Broncos game is Sunday evening, so you really have no excuse.

If you’re attending and you’re not a Coloradoan, hi five. Also, don’t forget your oxygen tank. We don’t just call it “Mile High,” because marijuana is legal.

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Nic Widhalm is a writer based out of Northern, Colorado, specializing in urban fantasy, and supernatural horror. He is happily married, has two beautiful, feisty kids, and spends his free time singing and providing vocal percussion for the professional a cappella group, Curious Gage. Visit for more information.

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