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WorldCon in the Reaview Mirror


With WorldCon disappearing in the distance it’s time to take a moment to reminisce, Wonder Year’s style. Cue the music. Roll tape.

This was my second time at the Con of Cons, and while I enjoyed my time last year in Chicago, San Antonio just floored me. The panels were lively, the authors lovely—in addition to well-oiled, vis-a-vis some stupendous parties—and the Hugo Awards engaging and inspirational.2013-09-03

You learn a lot at a con, be it World Science Fiction or otherwise. You get more advice than you can possibly carry back. Sometimes it conflicts, which doesn’t help the headache, but  there’s a certain poetry in the discordance.

Here’s a snippet of what’s been jabbering in my head the drive back:

  • Describe two things in a room and move the fuck on. (Thank you Jack McDevitt.)
  • From the panel on Scaring Your Reader—it’s impossible to write a jump-scare. Unless you do, and then you win all the twinkies.
  • When eating bugs for free books, don’t start with the dung beetle.
  • If you’re thinking about banning Judy Bloom, stop and ask why.
  • Magic doesn’t require physics, but it does require internal logic. And airships.
  • Brandon Sanderson will let you touch his Hugo if you dress in a suit.
  • If people keep removing themselves from Hugo consideration, the only one left will be me.
  • Regarding werewolves and vampires—we can continue to write werewolves as long as they have a dapper fashion sense.  (Courtesy of a poorly paraphrased Charlaine Harris).
  • If you’re going to the only panel with Hugh Howey, plan on standing.
  • If you want to know more about epublishing, either corner Hugh Howey or find your information online.
  • People like Hugh Howey. A lot.

IMAG0038And I could keep going , but I need to silence the jabbermonkey’s and get to writing. I can’t wait to see what WorldCon will bring to London next year.

Were you one of the “misfit toys” at WorldCon this year? What did you think?

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8 Comments on WorldCon in the Reaview Mirror

  1. Are you going to London next year?

    • That’s the plan. I suppose things could change in a year, but as of this moment I’m working on my British slang. I understand you folks have a different name for cookies?

      • We have cookies. But we also have biscuits. We call chips, crisps and have chips instead of fries. Unless you go to McDonalds, in which case you’ll find fries.

        Let me know when tickets are available. I’ll have to try to go.

  2. Expensive 😦 was looking at dealer tables. Nothing to say if they would welcome indies or not.

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