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Some Fun with Quotes

I’m almost done with the final edits on my upcoming book, The Tenth Order, but in my free-time I’ve been having fun with this app, Quipio. If you haven’t heard of Quipio, it’s kind of incredible. It lets you, the writer, come up with the words and it, the computer, provides the visuals.


I’ve been posting these over the past few months on my Facebook page, but thought I’d take a second to share some of my favorites on the blog.

Wilde Quote

Let’s start with a classic: Mr. Wilde. Hard to argue with his logic, though I’d like to add that a writer is not only someone who has taught his mind to misbehave, but also someone who has taught their mind to function on two hours of sleep.


There were some interesting comments on what people thought this quote meant, over on the book of Faces. My favorite? “If you’re dead you don’t have to worry about advances.”


I wish I could say I follow this quote all the time, but my sentences are frequently bumjumped. That’s why the Lord invented editors.

The newest (and my favorite so far)…


I left a very important third “thing” out—coffee. This writer’s brain doesn’t function without the java bean.

I have more up on Facebook, so feel free to hyper-jump over and check them out. And let me know your favorite writing quote in the comments below.

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  1. Anything to stupid to be said is sung. -Voltaire

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