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Round up time

Just a bit of house cleaning:

I’m finally round to finishing third draft edits on the first book in the Apkallu series: The Tenth Order.  It’s taken me over five years to write this book, and now that I’m nearing the end I have to admit I’m a little afraid to let it go.  

Speaking of five years…I did some much needed updates on the blog, including (finally) signing up for Goodreads and including a nifty little widget (you can see it if you look really hard). I’m pretty late to the Goodreads party, but really, who can keep up with this stuff?  Every time I turn around there’s some new social media darling I’ve ignored.  After signing up, doing all the backlog (depending on what social media gadget I’m using this could take anywhere from one to three hours), inviting friends, rewriting my bio five or six times, and reading the eighty page tutorial, I’ve already forgotten what the page is for in the first place.  

Pinterest is next.

And speaking of 2007, I finally signed up for Twitter. Where my twitter peeps at?  Hit me up so I can follow you and learn at your feet. I have to admit, I’m totally at a loss when it comes to Twitter. What exactly is its purpose? I keep feeling like I should tweet something but keeping to 140 characters is…is…

It’s barbaric.  

Anywhoo, I’ve got a couple of blog posts lined up about the DoJ’s lawsuit against Apple and el Goog, and I’ll throw those up later this week (sexy). And at some point I plan on putting down some of the research/observations I’ve unearthed regarding the age-old self-publish/don’t self-publish argument. But for now I’m going back to watching my newly minted four-year-old jump on my stomach.  I knew I grew it for a reason.

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2 Comments on Round up time

  1. Haha, the 140 character limit on twitter IS barbaric…but genius at the same time? If nothing else, it simplifies having to think beyond short, erratic bursts at a time.

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